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Box of 3 – Raspberry Friand


Closely related to the French financier, almond cake with raspberries and pistachio

Box of 4 – Chocolate Bundt


Molten chocolate cakeĀ 

Box of 4 – Earl Grey Lavender

Distinct notes of bergamot, with the citrusy characteristic and a delicate lavender flavor and floral aroma.

Box of 4 – Lemon Rose Pistachio


Bright lemon flavours with a glaze, pistachios and rose petals on top

Box of 4 – Pandan

Pandan extract, coconut cream and gula melaka icing, which give a wonderful fresh and local flavour.

Box of 5 – Banana


Light, fluffy and aromatic banana cakes, made with ripen bananas

Box of 6 – Sweet & Savoury Scone


Crumbly scones

Flourless Chocolate Cake


Flourless cake, featuring both chocolate and cocoa. Gluten Free